Sherlette Samuels



A Human Resources enthusiast, closet archaeologist, and lover of historical romance novels, Sherlette is a critical member of the BBP consulting team. 

A Jamaican expat with a graduate degree in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor of Science in Management with a minor in Finance, Sherlette has been with BBP since 2008.  With over eight years of professional experience in the human resources field, she has a personal understanding of the specific challenges faced by HR professionals and uses this experience to better serve each of her accounts. 

A lifelong learner, Sherlette has a dogged approach to research and never rests until she has completed a thorough analysis of any problem or issue.  In addition, she has an extensive systems background and is astute in developing and designing online enrollment systems and communication tools.

Additionally, Sherlette is quite handy with a hammer and saw as she renovates her new home.