Elisabeth Euglow

Senior Total Wellbeing & Engagement Consultant


Elisabeth (“Liz”) Euglow joined the BBP team in 2018 to assist our clients in building and growing their health management and wellness programs by leveraging data and aligning strategies with core HR and business values.  Liz is no stranger to population health management as her past roles and experiences have provided her the opportunities of working in a variety of wellbeing settings. Liz launched her career at Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA), after graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, and assisted SOMA with coordinating their statewide health services program for athletes. 

Realizing there was a huge need amongst the population for a better understanding of the healthcare system, with a strong focus on preventive care, Liz entered the world of corporate wellness at Preventure, Inc., a corporate wellness vendor in southern Rhode Island. It was at Preventure that Liz found a passion for working with human resources teams and employers on building out programs that would benefit both the employees’ health and the employers’ bottom line.  Liz then spent the next three years at Marsh & McLennan Agency, continuing to partner with HR teams and employers, learning more of the healthcare landscape, and leveraging data analytics to build lasting and effective health management and wellbeing programs.

Liz and her husband, Eric, reside in Rhode Island with their two young children, Emerson and Everett, and their best friend (dog) Mabel.  They love to spend time as a family and embrace the great outdoors!